Written by: Emilia Hart


Started Reading: December 28, 2023
Finished Reading: January 1, 2024

I have read 100% of this book

Verdict: Enjoyed it! (4 of 5 stars)

This was my first read when I got my new Kindle, which came with a 2 month trial of Kindle Unlimited. I haven't navigated Kindle in a hot minute, and this was one of the first books on the platform that jumped out to me, so away I went.

Fair warning, this book includes descriptions of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. As the main character Kate escapes her abusive boyfriend, she finds herself in her deceased quirky aunt's country cottage. When strange things start to happen, she finds that she has some...abilities. The modern-day concept isn't necessarily my jam, but we do get to read chapters from several of Kate's ancestors through whom the powers have passed before making it to her. The arc of Kate's character is entertaining if not predictable, but the ancestor characters and their stories made up for that. This was a fun and quick read, and leaves you feeling at peace that Kate has finally found her way.

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